Why Outsource?

Many hands make for light work

Consultants are like lawyers in many people's minds - nobody likes them until they need them.   By working with CommUlinks, you gain much-needed "hands" to help you in the exact ways you need.  We have "been there, done that," many times over.  

Our 11 reasons to outsource:

  1. Reduce and control operating costs;
  2. Improve agency focus;
  3. Gain access to professional capabilities not available within your organization;
  4. Free internal resources for other purposes, such as donor relations.
  5. Tap into the networking connections offered by your consultants;
  6. Get immediate understanding of your needs with little learning curve;
  7. Maintain momentum when sudden loss of key staff occurs;
  8. Spend less time and money researching opportunities;
  9. Create fresh points of view and new ideas;
  10. Succeed in accomplishing major projects in a timely fashion;
  11. Help you learn and understand the things you don’t know that truly can hurt you and your organization, from annual filing requirements to compliance with lobbying limits.

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Affordability, affordability, affordability....  that is what we are about.