How we structure fees


Long-term services retainer fee

For long-term services (including grant writing, organization management & social media and sometimes strategic plans), we work on a monthly retainer fee. We will submit a proposal to you that defines the scope of work and our proposed fee, based on your goals.  Retainers keep your costs down the most.

Short-term hourly rates

For shorter-term projects, like creating a strategic plan or grant research where we will not be involved in implementation, we charge an hourly rate that is always affordable compared to other consultants, but higher than our retainer rates. 

Project-based rates

Sometimes a project is limited in scope and time.  We will provide you with a set price in these circumstances.

We never work on commission

Many organizations think they can hire a grant writer on commission.  This practice is considered to be unethical and highly frowned upon by foundations. 

Specific to Grant Writing

How we do grant writing

As contractors, we work in a very specific way when it comes to grant writing.  Our clients maintain their own relationships with funders.  We are low-maintenance.  We go about the business of writing your grant proposals and do not increase your work load with endless revisions, etc.  

What we do:

  • Grant research
  • Deadline & on/off year tracking
  • Reminding you of which foundations need to be contacted
  • Writing grant proposals and submitting to you for editing, signatures, attachments, etc. via a file sharing method.  You send us edits so we can incorporate them into future grants.
  • Prepare a document for online applications, and in most cases input the information online for you, but give you the document if you need to make changes
  • We can also write your success stories

What we do not do

Since we are not employees, we cannot represent your organization to foundations.  We are also not in the position to know how you have implemented your grant funded programs.  Therefore, we do not:

  • Contact foundations on your behalf.  (But we will help you to formulate your pitch and approach). 
  • Mail your grants or submit them online.  You will add the attachments and signatures or click the "authorization" to submit the grants.
  • Write grant reports (but we can help you by reviewing your report drafts).
  • We do not participate in staff meetings. Few, if any, in-person meetings are necessary.  We will talk to you any time if needed, but most of the time, we work independently leaving you to focus on other things.  We can discuss exceptions to this practice 

What we do with government grants

As you may already be aware, government grants are an entirely different level of grant writing than foundation grants.  We typically do not include government grants in our retainer fee because one grant alone can take up to 50 hours to accomplish.  However, if your agency does do government grants, we can do them for you at our hourly rate (on top of our retainer).  

We are extremely efficient.  That is how we keep our costs down for you.  


How we do branding & rebranding


Concept Development

We work with you to define who you are and how you want the world to see your organization. 

We Help You to Come Up With a New Name

We develop new names for your new image and find the right domain and social media handles.

We Direct Your Design process

We will work with our partners on your logo design and direct the development of your design until you have the look you love. 

We help with roll-out

We help you to roll out your new brand image and get your social media channels lined up.