Our mission

We are people people.

CommUlinks believes that all people deserve the opportunity to live purposeful, productive and fulfilled lives. We believe in community. We believe in empowerment. We also believe that in doing the work that we love, we are more effective. We dedicate all of our work to organizations that align with our personal interests and beliefs. Therefore, we are inspired by organizations that:  

  • Have some type of advocacy component;
  • Are disability, disease or mental health related;
  • Care for people who are suffering in any way;
  • Have an important untold story that impacts society as a whole;
  • Impact the health and well-being of future generations;
  • Empower people to have personal control of their lives;
  • Save or preserve the wisdom of the past for future generations;
  • Right a wrong;
  • Protect and/or care for children and youth.


Our history

Vast nonprofit experience

CommUlinks of Colorado was founded by Renée Beauregard in 1999 to provide nonprofit organizations with the ability to utilize the skills of a nonprofit executive without having to hire one full time.  She started the company to provide community relations and communications services and has since helped many organizations with their community relations efforts, nonprofit management, grant writing, planning, budgeting, board training and more.  In 2004, Jim Moore joined CommUlinks and added his experience with nonprofit management, media, accounting, strategic planning and more. 

Our Team

Renée Beauregard


 Renée  has 30 years of nonprofit executive experience.   She became a nonprofit consultant after working for a large organization for 10 years (plus two as a consultant) because, as she puts it, "Every organization needs a jack of all trades but can't necessarily afford one full-time."  She prides herself on her infinite creativity combined with technical nonprofit expertise.

Read about her more serious side below,

Nala & Roz


Nala & Roz have experience in nonprofits as former clients of a dog rescue.  They are key team members with boundless energy.  They deliver smiles every day, making our work even more enjoyable.  They pride themselves on barking at intruders and demanding lap time.  Nala is particularly proud of being the boss of Roz, while Roz is all about getting along, playing the "bite me" game and getting food.

Only Nala has a serious side. 

Jim Moore


Jim is a former television executive who, as he puts it, "Got tired of putting butts in chairs to watch advertisements," and became a nonprofit executive in his second-act career.  He prides himself on his attention to detail and insight into the inner workings of charities.  Jim is also known sometimes as Cliffy from Cheers, except he does actually have great knowledge and he loves to share it. 

Read about his more serious side below.

About Renée

Renée Beauregard

Renée's career spans 40 years in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. She began her life in New Hampshire and came to Colorado by way of California and Florida.  Her life and career experiences led to the formation of CommUlinks in 1999. 

A national speaker with 12 years of experience working within a large nonprofit and 15 years in the for-profit sector, Renée's experience includes branding, marketing and public relations, legislative advocacy, program development, fund-raising, event planning, employee development and training, human resources, credit management and credit counseling, financial education and she is a contract executive director for a consumer-focused association.

Renée's active community involvement and personal experience with special needs children and adults add further dimension to her work. She founded an organization to serve the parents of children and adults with a rare genetic disorder and managed the organization for many years.  Through this work, she helped raise funds to open the first clinic for people with these conditions, in partnership with Children's Hospital of Colorado and to cause the first-ever comprehensive, pioneering research on the condition.  She recruited patients for research, helped parents to find a way to get to the research locations and continuously advertised participation in that research.  

She has served on the Boards of Directors with the National Council on Problem Gambling and the International Credit Association, the leadership committee with the National Skills Standards Board, the grants review committee with the Colorado Energy Assistance Foundation, the education committee with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, the loan review committee for the Human Services, Inc. (now Parent Pathways) Family Loan Program, the community outreach committee chair with the Employee Assistance Professionals Association, and several School-to-Career advisory committees. 

She specializes in nonprofit management, communications, branding and grant writing.  She has helped her clients to raise over 12 million dollars in grant revenue. She worked on a national patient registry project for a consortium of organizations, providing outreach strategies and materials.  She always tells her clients to ask her before trying to find someone who can "do that," because she either already knows how, or knows someone who does.  

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About Jim

Jim Moore

Jim Moore came to CommUlinks with over thirty-five years of nonprofit, government and media experience.  Jim devoted twenty-two years to a career in television. His credits include award winning advertising, ratings-leading news production, and numerous specials, including gavel-to-gavel live coverage of the Amadou Diallo murder trial, live coverage from the Travers Stakes at Saratoga, and televised coverage of the women's national championship 10-K road race, excerpts of which were featured on ESPN. While in broadcasting, Jim worked with numerous nonprofits on fundraisers and public service messages, and he also served on several nonprofit boards and the Chamber of Commerce, launched a community-wide recreation development program and spearheaded a comprehensive municipal planning initiative in his town.

After serving as development committee chair on a board of directors, the rewards of community service led Jim to change course and dedicate the balance of his career to nonprofit service. Before moving to Colorado, he served in New York as a development officer, then executive director of two statewide nonprofit advocacy organizations and a chapter of a national nonprofit. He wrote and contributed to the passage of legislation, developed public-private partnerships with state agencies, testified before the EPA, legislators and other decision makers, and he conducted public education programs throughout the state.

In Colorado, Jim joined the national headquarters for a nonprofit advocacy organization, where he developed advocacy, communications, public relations and fundraising strategy and messages for the movement. He collaborated on national media campaigns, and reshaped the organization's publications. He increased organization membership by 23% in 12 months and exceeded fundraising goals by more than 1.3 million dollars. As Chief Financial Officer, Jim also completely overhauled the organization's financial structure, accounting practices and chapter affiliate structure.

Joining CommUlinks fulfills the goal Jim brought with him to Denver…to share his business management, marketing, communication, advocacy and fundraising talents with other nonprofit organizations.  Through CommUlinks, Jim has worked with a number of organizations on projects ranging from board and fundraising training to strategic planning to marketing/communications/fundraising. 

Jim oversaw the startup of a national human-rights advocacy organization. In just over two years, the organization recruited nearly 3000 paid members and generated more than two years’ revenues in reserve. 

From 2007 to 2016, Jim served as contract executive director for an international health advocacy organization.  In that role he increased revenues nearly 300%, conducted numerous international medical conferences, arranged mergers with two other organizations, and he developed and executed numerous programs including a PCORI-funded patient data registry, research recruitment, a clinical and research consortium, and many other initiatives.

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