Marketing, Communications & Branding

We can help you to improve your community presence and connect better with your stakeholders through:

  • Social media development & management
  • Branding & Rebranding
  • Newsletter writing
  • Annual Report writing
  • Website content writing
  • Collateral material writing
  • Donor appeal writing
  • Success storytelling
  • Policy and procedure writing
  • Gives Day promotions



We can help you to grow your income and capacity through:

  • Grant research & writing
  • Board development training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Budget training
  • Donor relations training


Outsourced Management & Accounting

Whether you need interim or long-term executive level help we can:

  • Manage small 501c3, c4 or c6 organizations
  • Provide outsourced accounting services
  • Provide management consulting 
  • Help develop programs


Teamwork & Experience

As part of your team....

...Commulinks can bring you to the next level.  You do not start from scratch with us.  We already know which foundations might fund your cause.  We already know who else is doing the work that you do.  We already know what has been successful for other organizations.  We already know social media and, and, and....

But don't confuse our knowledge with being know-it-alls who talk down to you, fill your plate with work and walk away.  We do the work. If you want a strategic plan, for example, we will help you create it and then we will help you to implement it.  

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Affordability, affordability, affordability....  that is what we are about

Additional Perks

Brand amplification


CommUlinks created the Twitter page @ConnectColorado, which has over 33,000 followers.  The page was created to promote nonprofits primarily and we have used it to engage Coloradans in Colorado Gives Day.  We are currently working on taking ConnectColorado to the next level.  We are developing a go-to web site for followers to get all kinds of information about fun things to do in Colorado, including nonprofit events, wish lists, board member and volunteer requests and more.  Clients of CommUlinks will be featured prominently.  We will be announcing the new web site soon.  Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter.


Although not exclusively for nonprofits, CommUlinks also does branding through our adjunct site, Brandulinks.  We can help you to name your new nonprofit or rebrand your organization and obtain an exact domain name to go with it.  We can also help you to name and define your programs for maximum impact.